Work Samples:

Please note that these work samples are very much aligned with the work you’d be doing in the role, which is why they’ve been included.  

Please know that your work sample will not be used without your consent for any other purpose than assessing your alignment with the role, thanks, Jen xo


Task: Creation + management of email marketing campaigns, funnels 

Work Sample 1:  Create a high level email funnel to promote Jens new Membership Site

Useful information:

The ideal person for the Membership is someone who is committed to their healing but may not be in a position to work 1:1 with Jen. They’re a self healer and may already be using Jens Heal Your Inner Child Course but would benefit from the guidance + insights that come from participating in Live Healings in a community setting.

They will also benefit from live Q&A where they can seek clarification or guidance around areas they’ve encountered or been uncertain of while they have been self healing.  They may benefit from being part of a much larger community of self healers.

Membership Site Information:  Jens new Membership site is intended to be accessible to all with a monthly subscription of $11 for an annual subscription or $22 for those wishing to pay monthly.  

What’s included:

Weekly: Healing Intention, focus or practice aligned with monthly healing theme 

Monthly: Live Group Healing where Jen will guide you through an inner child healing from the Heal Your Inner Child Course for Self Healers followed by a live Q&A 

Monthly: Live Group Healing with one lucky Self Healers Circle Member! Followed by a Q&A 

On Demand Access: To all previous recordings

Work Sample 2:  Ghost writing / able to write in Jens voice  

Work Sample: Please create the first two emails in the sequence created in the first work sample.  These emails need to be written in Jen’s voice + from Jen.

Note: The subscriber group hasn’t heard from Jen for a few months.  They have either ended up in the group because they’ve responded to a quiz to find out what their #1 inner child trauma is, they’ve wanted to access resources to ‘meet their inner child’ or they have an interest in healing.

Work Sample 3:  Assist in responding to comments + DMs + email enquiries

Work Sample: Here’s a typical DM that Jen receives each day, please formulate an appropriate response.  The aim is to invite them to complete the application form (you’ll include the link in your response).

DM:  Hi Jen, I’m really struggling with codependency and rejection.  I feel so triggered so much of the time.  I think my inner child needs healing but I don’t know how to heal or what to do next.  Can you help me please?  Bex xo

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