Next Session:  Dissolve the Injustice Energy  March 31, 8pm, EDT

Imagine no longer being gripped by feelings of injustice or being wronged.

Imagine no longer feeling triggered each time you think about what was done to you.


Join me on a powerful journey inward where together, we’ll identify the source of your pain, we’ll dissolve the emotional trauma and we’ll unravel the associated patterns that have been keeping you stuck in this debilitating cycle.

You’ll meet you inner child who is holding onto the injustice energy and feelings of unfairness and being wronged and you’ll be skillfully guided to heal their pain – freeing you from this painful cycle.

Here is what a recent client had to say following dissolving the crippling Injustice Energy she was carrying:

“It’s so liberating not being overwhelmed by feelings and thoughts of injustice and unfairnes. They were keeping me trapped but once I managed to release them with Jen, it was like the darkness had lifted and I felt light and free. I now life a life that is present and is just for me, instead of being held back by the past.” – Nadine Rogers.

 I hope to see you there!  Much love, Jen 

The Unveiling – Group Healings with Jen Peters

An invitation…to those wishing to heal and find emotional freedom following Narcissistic Abuse.


Allow me to guide you out of narcissistic relationship cycles and into emotional freedom and the Divine Truth of who you are.

Imagine no longer being triggered by or energetically tied to your ex or narcissistic family.  

Imagine no longer being gripped by intense triggers or fear.

Imagine no longer being overwhelmed by feelings of injustice or betrayal for what you’ve been through.

Imagine being free to create and fully immerse yourself within the life you were always Destined to live.

Join me on a journey of a life time…

I’m offering a series of live, online group healing sessions created specifically for those who have endured Narcissistic Abuse and wish to step out of toxic or narcissistic relationship cycles and transcend the limiting patterns and beliefs that are keeping you stuck.  

As with all of my work, my approach is deeply Soulful, connecting you with the wisdom of your own Soul. Our processing will be done across the timelines relevant to you and within the higher realms.  I will be drawing upon the proven techniques I use within my personalised sessions.

Together in our live, video online, group healings we will:

– Dissolve emotional triggers and trauma

– Unravel limiting beliefs and patterns keeping you stuck 

– Be guided inward to heal and love the parts of you that are hurting

– Learn how to become your own source of love – the Ultimate in Self-love

We’ll address one of the following emotional traumas and associated patterns and beliefs in each session, with two weeks between to give you plenty of time to integrate and prepare for the next:

Injustice / feeling wronged                                    Feeling unworthy                         

Betrayal                                                                        Feeling unlovable

Anger                                                                             Not enough

Shame                                                                           The need to prove yourself

      Full and thorough energetic cord cutting      The need to fix and be responsible  for caretaking                                                                                                               others feelings and well being   

Join me for as many or as few sessions as you’re called to.  Each session will be offered separately and will be run over Zoom platform.  You’ll have the opportunity to download your own copy of the video to use as often as you wish.

Group Healing Sessions begin on Sunday March 17 at 7pm EDT and I will be offering the same Group Healing Sessions to those based across UK and Europe in April.

Each session is $47.47 and will be between 1:15 and 1:30 long.  You’ll have the opportunity to submit your questions prior to the session, which I’ll address in the first part of our session before moving into our process.

You can expect to experience relief and noticeable shifts from our very first session.

At a minimum you’ll notice a significant reduction, if not a full dissolving, of the trigger and associated pattern or belief we worked on.  

You’ll feel more calm, solid and empowered, creating new and healthy patterns with confidence and ease.

Let’s begin unravelling your past and creating the future and life you most want to live