Thank you for saving me and for teaching me how to begin to save myself after a long and crippling marriage to a narcissist.  You are a phenomenal lady, thank you for your beautiful soul and thank you for your magic.

( Julie 32, Auckland)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wisdom gained and the healing that has happened as a family after the destruction left from my ex – narcissistic husband.

(Nicola 42, Auckland New Zealand)



Prior to working with Jen, I was so irrational during PMT with constant negative and angry thoughts that I couldn’t seem to control or get rid of.  After Jen rebalanced my energy my subconscious thoughts and conscious thoughts were positive and happy.  I was able to handle everyday situations with my husband and children rationally and nicely.  There is no more “what monster are we living with today”.  I love how normal and happy I feel after Jen works her magic.

(Anna 34, Auckland, New Zealand)


I’m actually enjoying the journey of freeing myself of tedious repetition of old patterns of behaviour.  Despite seeing what I was doing at the time, I didn’t seem to be able to break through the underpinning feelings or beliefs that kept me repeating the same old stuff with the same old results.  Jen was able to guide me through ‘flushing them out’ on a level other than just intellectually.  Now when I am faced with situations that once would have really rattled me, I’m able to move through them with confidence and ease.  

Ingrid, West Midlands, United Kingdom



I enjoy my sessions with Jen and there is one real reason why. It is the fact that I’m able to fully trust and let go while being facilitated by her. Jen is a sweet caring soul who fully gives of herself like only good practitioners know how to do. I do believe that holistic practitioners have a deep desire to help heal because they themselves have come through times of grief and struggle. This allows them to immerse themselves in compassion for those who they now serve. If you are looking for empathetic and professional help with which way to go in life or perhaps simply trying to heal a hurtful past then allow yourself the light that you deserve by letting Jen gently guide you towards wholeness. Learn your truth with her help, I know you’ll be happy that you did this for yourself.

          John, New Jersey, United States