The Narcissist BE GONE! Recovery and Empowerment Course has been carefully designed to partner with those struggling to get freedom from narcissists and will guide them to heal their past and create a life they love for themselves and their children.

Narcissistic abuse is very twisted and can be completely devastating, having far reaching consequences not only on the individual, but also their children if they’ve been exposed to the narcissist.   This type of abuse is also very isolating and unless you’ve actually lived through it, most people including many Therapists and Practitioners simply don’t understand what you’ve been through or how to effectively and permanently lead you away from the madness.

The Narcissist BE GONE! recovery and Empowerment Course begins on July 9th and will be held at the Birkdale Community House.  To secure your spot on this life changing course, contact Jen on email:

The Narcissist BE GONE! Recovery and Empowerment course has been created and is facilitated by someone who ‘gets it’.  You’ll be guided and supported by someone who has also walked this path and now facilitates the full recovery and empowerment of women who have been narcissistically abused all over the world and is here to share these techniques with you.

This course will provide you with a safe place where you will be guided through the necessary steps to fully heal from the past and begin rebuilding your life again with confidence and freedom.  We’ll meet each fortnight as a group, discuss and celebrate our progress from the previous session, before turning our attention to the current fortnights’ area to heal.  You’ll then be guided through a deep and powerful group healing specific to narcissistic abuse and you’ll leave feeling incredibly light, calm and confident about your next steps and armed with strategies to support you.

Each group session will take you further away from the brokenness of the past and closer to a life you love.  Following each group session, you’ll feel lighter, calmer and more confident and you’ll see the results in your life quickly and powerfully as you begin reclaiming your life back.

Between each fortnightly group session, you’ll be given a comprehensive audio program with each of the guided healings that we do together, for you to do at home.  Most participants report that they love to take time out to listen to the audios between group sessions as not only does this accelerate their healing and progress, it also leaves them feeling calm and relaxed and confident about dealing with any issues that may come their way from the narcissist.

And you’ll do this with other women who are walking the same path sharing this deep and transformational journey.   You’ll move from feeling stuck, exhausted and anxious, all the way through to feeling empowered, excited and inspired about creating a life that you love.

What we will cover in this course:

  1. Establish Essential Practices to Help You Move Forward – including co-parenting
  2. Release the Immediate Pain
  3. Release the Fear and Anxiety about what the Narcissist might do next 
  4. Release and Heal the Pain of Injustice and Betrayal
  5. Let go of the need to Prove You’re Right
  6. Release the Connection You have with the Narcissist 
  7. Release and Heal the need to Feel Responsible for the Narcissist 
  8. Release the Resentment and Forgive Yourself for what You’ve Been Through
  9. Heal Your Heart from What’s Been Done to You 
  10. Release and Heal Self Judgement and Limiting Beliefs
  11. Step into Your Own Power and Strengthen your Connection to your Own Inner Wisdom


This course is ideal for anyone who has been in a romantic relationship with a narcissist, had a narcissistic family member, or has been impacted by one at work or through friends.  This course is also ideal for anyone who has been involved in toxic or abusive relationships.

Why is this course so important?  Time and distance doesn’t heal the trauma caused by narcissists.  There are very specific steps that this course will guide you through so that you can leave the past behind you and actually heal and become free from these people – for good.  If you have children exposed to narcissists, the exposure will nearly always leave an imprint on them and shape their future relationships as a result, which is why this course also touches on co-parenting effectively with a narcissist.


The full 20-week, 10 session course is $325.  This is a saving of $975 compared to one on one courses covering the same material and you’ll also get the full take home program FREE valued at $229.

This can be paid in two instalments of $162.50, the first at the time of securing your spot, and the other $162.50 due a fortnight into the course.

Benefits from this course include:

  • Significant reduction in anxiety
  • Significant improvement in sleep
  • You’ll no longer feel emotionally ‘triggered’ or ‘emotionally de-railed’ by the narcissist
  • You won’t feel afraid or fearful of what the narcissist is going to do next
  • You’ll learn how to co-parent with the narcissist
  • You’ll feel empowered and confident about moving forward in your life
  • You’ll begin attracting more healthy and respectful people and relationships into your life as opposed to further narcissists
  • Together we will identify and set firm boundaries around you and your children that protect and honour you
  • You’ll notice a massive sense of emotional FREEDOM and clarity in your life too


What previous participants say:

“Narcissist BE GONE! recovery and Empowerment Course is an amazing investment for a new future for yourself and family and you can’t put a price on inner peace.”   Claire 39

“Jen has transformed my life completely. She is a miracle worker, and I am so grateful to have been able to work with her!”  Libby 31

“Thank you for saving me and for teaching me how to begin to save myself after a long and crippling marriage to a narcissist. You are a phenomenal lady, thank you for your beautiful soul and thank you for your magic!” – Julie 32, California

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wisdom gained and the healing that has happened as a family after the destruction left from my ex – narcissistic husband.” Nicola, 38

 “Thank you so much Jen for your support and guidance, I honestly can’t thank you enough.  It’s empowering and liberating to know that I can recover from the past but also enjoy what the future holds without feeling like my narcissistic family and other toxic people will drag me  down.”  Bianca 29, Melbourne


 This is your time to leave the past behind you and create a life that you love – secure your spot today!