Email Marketing + Community Unicorn Job Description


Key Information:

  • Applications close on Sunday May 29th, 2022

  • To access work samples please click here

  • You’ll need to download + complete the Skills + Experience form which can be found here

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*Please note this role is not open to other Healers or Coaches due to the potential conflict of interest


Email Marketing + Community Unicorn Role Overview

This is a unique opportunity to work remotely with the business owner, Jen Peters + serve within a large, global, conscious,  healing community.  You’ll have an opportunity to apply your technical email marketing + community support skills, within a highly conscious environment.  You’ll have a gift for written communication + talent for writing in the brand’s voice.

Every email campaign you create,  every membership enquiry you respond to, every zoom webinar you coordinate helps community members on their healing journey. 

 As this is a busy global community, responding to our community for an hour or two across the weekend doesn’t phase you + depending what part of the world you’re in, you may be required to support Jen by coordinating the technical aspect of a Live Zoom call with multiple participants, twice a month over a weekend.

This is a unique, part time, remote role that offers the successful candidate plenty of flexibility + autonomy, where you get to work from the comfort of your own home + make a tangible + positive difference in the lives of others.

The rate for this role is $16 USD per hour as a base with the opportunity to earn substantially more through commission on the sales of any courses you sell through your email campaigns.  

Base weekly hours: 12 to start with, however it’s anticipated that this role is likely to be around 15 + hours a week once you’re all settled in + potentially more.  You’ll be paid for every additional hour that you work plus any commission you earn through sales you make through your creative marketing emails!

Purpose of this role is to:  

Create, coordinate + execute email marketing strategies, funnels, campaigns + regular subscriber emails + to optimize written communications within the Jen Peters brand.  The successful candidate will ensure the smooth running of the Self Healers Membership site including responding to members’ enquiries + providing technical support during live Zoom calls.  They’ll also set up Zoom webinar calls for community Lives, including sending out invitations + uploading videos to the membership site for replays.  

Nurturing + supporting  Jens healing community across each social platform particularly Instagram, including some commenting, responding to emails + DM enquiries + assisting Jen with general administration when needed will also be an important part of the role.  You’ll also get to identify + reach out to potentially mutually beneficial + conscious partnerships with a view to setting up collaborations + affiliate partnerships.  

Key Tasks:

  • Develop + execute effective email marketing strategies to drive subscriber engagement + sales through email communication
  • Own + complete email lifecycle including creation, segmentation, set up, creative development, analysis + optimisation (A/B Testing, Drip etc)
  • Write emails in Jens voice + brand, using her posts
  • Responding to Community Enquiries + Requests via DM + Email
  • Membership Site (Kajabi) – ensure the technical aspect is running smoothly + respond to member enquiries
  • Zoom webinar technical support + coordination 
  • IG Community Support
  • Video editing
  • General Admin

Key Skills + Experience:


  • Email Strategies + Marketing, campaign management, funnels, split testing 2+ years 
  • Excellent written communication 2+ years
  • Crafting emails in brand voice 2+ years 
  • Community Support or Coordination 2+ years 
  • Membership Site coordination 1 + year 
  • Zoom multiple participant coordination 1 + year 
  • Social Media Management or Coordination 2+ years 
  • Video editing basic 


  • Ghostwriting
  • Copywriting
  • Sales 


Email Marketing:

  • Develop + execute effective email marketing strategies to drive subscriber engagement + sales through email communication
  • Own + complete email lifecycle including creation, segmentation, set up, creative development, analysis + optimisation (A/B Testing, Drip etc)
  • Educate, empower, nurture + monetize email list in alignment with the Jen Peters brand
  • Create persuasive, conversion – focused email communications using existing IG posts + messaging
  • Generate creative copy for program sales
  • Create clever + compelling subject lines that interest subscribers to click + learn more
  • Respond to replies to emails + nurture + empower subscriber community
  • Assist in responding to enquiries to work with Jen

Community Support:

  • Using DM Scripts as your guide, respond to DM’s with a view to nurturing community,  inspiring, empowering + converting
  • Assist Jen in responding to comments on posts
  • Respond to email enquiries

Membership Site Coordination + Support:

  • Ensure the technical aspect of the membership site is running smoothly 
  • Timely uploading of Live zoom recordings
  • Collation of questions for Q+A
  • Coordinate + respond to enquiries regarding membership
  • Responding to some comments 
  • Assisting Jen in moderating chat in the lounge 
  • Ensuring community guidelines are followed

Zoom Webinar Technical Coordinator + Support:

  • Set up + coordinate zoom webinar for multiple participants including managing technical aspect during Live ie chat + muting etc
  • Create + send out  email invites with Zoom link 

Collaborations + Affiliate Partners:

  • Seek + reach out to other influencers for the purposes of setting up collaborations + affiliate partners

Video Editing:

  • Edit + upload videos to social platforms

General Admin As Required

Thank you for interest, best wishes, Jen xo

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