Heal Your Inner Child:

The 6 Week Transformational Process to unlock, release, restore and heal past trauma keeping you stuck.

When we keep experiencing the same things that are causing us pain or keeping us stuck, we must go deep within the subconscious mind and first heal the inner child. The experiences we had as children form the foundations for how we live the rest of our life.  When we heal our inner child – we heal our life.

You’ll know you have unhealed wounds or trauma still playing out in your relationships or career or personal life when you find yourself experiencing:

>You may be struggling to attract a beautiful and authentic, loving relationship and instead keep attracting emotionally unavailable, toxic or narcissistic partners 

>You may have feelings of not being good enough, low self-worth, feeling insecure, fear of abandonment, struggle with self-doubt or suffer from anxiety. You may people please rescue, need to fix or seek external validation. Or perhaps you have difficulty speaking up or saying no, or have trouble setting boundaries and have codependency patterning and feel stuck. These are all indications of unhealed wounds and can show up in any or all areas of our life.

>You may be struggling to break free from toxic or narcissistic relationships – even when you know they’re not good for you

>You may be feeling stuck, unseen or uninspired and you’re becoming aware of the pull deep within and the knowing that you’re here to do something big but you don’t know what it is or how to get there                            

>You may wish to fully expand your career and experience breakthroughs but keep holding yourself back. Or perhaps you want to transition into your own business but keep sabotaging yourself or can’t seem to shake the fear and self doubt

>You may lack the ease and flow of financial abundance or perhaps you experience struggle in one or more areas of your life

Every soul is on a unique journey and the path to healing is never the same. Your past story, the trauma and your experiences are unique. That’s why your path to heal must also be very personalized so you can experience more emotional freedom, joy, love and fulfillment in all areas of your life.

You can expect to experience significant shifts from our very first session and every session after. We’ll untether you from where you are right now and guide you to where you’re being called to be, so that you can create an expansive and deeply fulfilling life that you love.

When the work is done here’s a selection of what clients can expect:

> You’ll no longer be held back or triggered by the unhealed wounds and blocks that once kept you tethered to a life you no longer align with.  Instead you’ll be free to move forward in whatever direction you’re called in

>You’ll dissolve the blocks standing between you and your next career move or transitioning into or expanding your own creative business

>You’ll feel empowered in the workplace and able to confidently speak up as well as uplevelling the role you’re in and in whatever direction you desire

>You’ll have much greater clarity around your souls’ path and will be more solidly anchored into your own True Essence

>You’ll know your worth and will no longer be pulled into the people pleasing, fixing, proving or any other patterns that you once played out.  And the voices telling you that you’re not good enough, or unworthy, or that you can’t survive on your own will be a distant memory too. Instead you’ll feel safe, solid and empowered within yourself and the liberation that comes with emotional freedom

> You’ll be free to step out of toxic, emotionally unavailable or narcissistic relationship cycles and instead attract healthy, soulful and deeply loving relationships into your life

> You’ll experience much less struggle and much greater ease, flow and abundance 

“Working with Jen Peters has accelerated my personal growth and deepened my understanding of myself.  Sessions with Jen have enabled me to clear debilitating, life-long patterns and limiting beliefs at a rapid pace.  I feel more calm, an inner peace and trust and my outer reality is starting to fall into place as my inner world heals and aligns.  Thank you Jen Peters for the important work that you do.”  Pam – Gold Coast.

Here’s a deep dive into the different ways I guide you during our time together.  We’ll work in synergy with your own soul and ascension team with full access to your akashic records to remove any trapped emotional trauma, blocks and debris that keep you enslaved to old and distorted patterning and beliefs.  This allows you to moved forward with confidence and ease in all areas of your life.   I use a blend of Quantum Healing Techniques, Galactic Healing Tools, Conversational Hypnotherapy and Intuitive Coaching.

We’ll do this through a powerful combination of:

1.  6 Powerful 90 minute 1:1 Signature Sessions

Where we dive deep into your subconscious mind to the actual origins of your blocks or wounds and we’ll dissolve them so that you can step forward with ease.

2. Remote Healing performed within Jen’s meditations 2 times per week – under the guidance of your Soul

To fully support and optimize your transformation and unfolding at an energetic level.  

I’ll take guidance from your Soul and Guides as to what’s needed at that time to fully facilitate and support your transformation. This may include; 

Inner child healing, balancing and upgrading your chakras, cord cutting and Akashic records clearing, cleansing, uplevelling and fully grounding your energy to the crystalline grid or balancing your Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine energies and a myriad of other beautiful possibilities. 

3. Powerful Daily Practices Maintenance Program

We’ll also establish or realign and embed powerful daily practices to fully support your expansion and self-mastery during our time together and beyond.

Bonus #1   

Detailed voice notes reporting on the healing that’s been done remotely, any observations and insights gained to help support you on your healing journey.

Bonus #2 

Between Session Support via WhatsApp 

“Working with Jen has been one of the most remarkable things I have ever done in my life!  I was following her on Instagram for a while and I knew deep inside that one day we would connect.  And when we finally did, the effects were spectacular.  The Inner Child work we have done together has transformed my life.  I cannot praise Jen enough for her compassion and highly intuitive and transformative approach. I trusted her to take me to the darkest parts of my soul and when we went there, I saw the Light.  I am forever grateful for her skillful guidance and am so honored to have met her on my journey,”  Ania, UK.

This powerful program is normally priced at $3900 USD, however I’d like to offer you this deeply transformative program at a special rate of $3000 – a saving of $900!  Payment plans are available, just drop me a note and we’ll try and find a way to make it work for you!

To apply to work with Jen 1:1 within the Heal Your Inner Child Program, please click here!


Do you offer payment plans?

YES! I offer payment plans, just drop me an email and I’ll do my best to make it work for you!

Or if you’d like to try one  session before committing to the whole program, I’d be happy to offer you this as an option too.  And if you love the results as much as I think you will, you’re welcome to continue on with the program and I’ll credit you what you’ve already paid.

How many session will I need? 

Most of my clients need around 6 sessions to dissolve the key themes of unhealed wounding or trauma they are carrying. However, depending on your early experiences, this number may vary slightly, in which case, I’d be happy to adjust the program accordingly to meet your needs.

What if I don’t need all six sessions? 

The truth is that most of us do need around 6 sessions as we’re dissolving a life time of patterning, however if you have any sessions left over you’re welcome to use them at a later date or transfer them to your besti!

What kind of support will I get?

You will have 6 x 90 minute powerful signature sessions

Remote Healing Work carried out remotely, during my meditations to fully optimize your transformation 2 times per week

You’ll also have access to me via WhatsApp should you need between session support

Do you offer global sessions?

YES!, as long as you have access to the internet, we’re good to go!

What platform do you run the sessions over?

I run my sessions over zoom video calling, WhatsApp or Facetime – whichever you prefer!

Do the sessions still work if they’re not face to face?

YES!  Absolutely! Nearly all of my clients are global and we get powerful results

How long does it take before I will get changes?

You’ll begin experiencing tangible results within your very first session!

What differences can I expect from the Remote Healing Work?

The remote healing work is such a powerful way of supporting your transformation and your day to day well being.  You’ll feel more solid, safe and secure and you’ll feel fully and deeply supported and grounded. You’ll experience a significant reduction in anxiety if not a full dissolving. You’ll also experience a deep expansiveness as we dissolve the blocks and trauma, bringing you into alignment with your soul.  You’ll experience much greater resilience and and balance and will be better equipped to deal with life’s curve balls!

Is there options to work with you after the program is complete?

YES! You’ll also have the option of extending the program should you wish to expand and up level even further.

Do you offer a buy risk free?

YES! If you’re not completely satisfied within the first 14 days of working together, I’ll happily refund your money, no hard feelings!

 “Three sessions with Jen were thrice as effective as spending the thousands of dollars on conventional therapy and medications I did for more than a year.  I am a scientist and was skeptical at first but working with Jen has been genuinely life changing.  It’s as if Jen helped me give birth to myself and experience the joy of seeing a new life.  No words can express how blessed and grateful I am to her for helping me get out of an agonizing mental, suicidal, pain of feeling like a living dead person.” Nick, Dubai

“Jens loving, focused healing is by far the most profound experience of all my healing journey’s.  It’s like going back in time and changing what happened.  My entire being is different.  I feel fulfilled, whole, content, joyful, strong, healed, solid, powerful and present and all within just a few sessions.  My gratitude is beyond what I can express in words.  Tania – U.S

I untether you from a life that you no longer align with and return you to your True Empowered Essence