Welcome!  If you’re here, my guess is that you’re struggling to move forward following narcissistic abuse – in which case you’ve come to the right place! 

In this video I’ll walk you through:

  • The keys to moving forward following narcissistic abuse

  • What to expect in our sessions

  • How to get unstuck and quickly!

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Frequently asked questions

How do I know if this type of therapy will work for me?

If you answer ‘yes’ or can relate to any of the points below, then it’s highly likely that you will experience immediate relief and powerful transformation through this therapy:

If you’ve been in at least one narcissistic relationship or if you’ve been raised in a narcissistic or controlling family.

If you’re finding it difficult to step out of the relationship and stop all contact including thinking and talking about the narcissist.

If you feel emotionally triggered either by the narcissist, or when you think or talk about the relationship or family member.

If you’re feeling ‘stuck’ and still ‘bound’ to the narcissist in some way – even if you’re no longer together.

If you’re still feeling ‘broken’, emotional or are struggling to move forward.

How do I know if I have trapped emotional trauma?

You’ll feel deep and at times overwhelming emotions that rise up like a tidal wave.  They’ll often be intense and can be extremely destabilising.  Here are several emotions that are common to those who have been narcissistically abused:

Anger, betrayal, injustice, wronged, powerless, grief, sadness, victimised, anxiety, fear, abandonment, unsafe

You’ll be easily ‘triggered’ by talking or thinking about the narcissist and what they did to you.  Or the narcissist themselves can trigger an overwhelming emotional response within you with a few words, or a look. 

Similar situations and people can also trigger an emotional response within you that feels ‘just like the narcissist’.

How do I know if I have patterns or programming in my subconscious mind, that are keeping me stuck?

You may feel an overwhelming need to try and ‘prove yourself’ to others and the narcissist.

You may feel a deep fear at the thought of not having the narcissist in your life.

You may have a hard time saying ‘no’ even when you know something isn’t good for you.

You may feel that your sense of self-worth or value is dependent upon others, rather than being inherently within you.

You may feel a strong desire to ‘people please’ or want to ‘fix’ others and you’ll feel ‘guilty’ when you don’t.

You may notice a deep ‘void’ within you that can only be filled when you’re in a relationship.

You will notice that you keep attracting the same types of toxic relationships or people into your life.

You’ll feel ‘stuck’ but you won’t quite know why you feel this way.

You’ll feel a pull deep within that keeps pulling you back into relationships and situations that intellectually you’ll know aren’t good for you – yet you can’t say no.

What differences can I expect to notice from working with you?

You’ll no longer feel emotionally ‘triggered’ by the same things that currently trigger you.

You’ll no longer feel ‘stuck’ or haunted by the narcissist

You’ll no longer feel that deep ‘pull’ making you want to stay with them, or prove yourself to them, or that feeling that you ‘need’ them in your life to be happy.

You’ll be able to step out of the old cycles and create new, healthy cycles with confidence.

You’ll feel much lighter and a sense of emotional freedom.  You’ll feel excited and confident and be able to move forward and create a life that you love with ease and attract healthy, loving a soulful people and experiences into your life.

How quickly will I notice a difference?

You’ll get significant relief and results after the first session.

How many sessions will I need?

This really depends on your unique situation and how much emotional trauma you have trapped and the extent of childhood programming that we need to re-write.  I aim to release trauma and re-write at least one pattern in every session.

My clients can expect to experience significant transformations in all areas of their life within 5 to 7 sessions or sooner.

Do you release emotional trauma and re-write patterns that are not related to narcissistic abuse?

Yes absolutely!  My approach will re-write or re-frame any patterns or programs and release the associated emotional trauma – regardless of how they got there.  

How do your sessions work if I’m based in another country?

Most of my clients are across the US, UK, Europe and Australia – so location is no issue as long as you have an internet connection.  I offer video sessions on skype or zoom as well as sessions over WhatsApp or Facetime.

Are your sessions as effective on video or calling as they are in person?

Yes absolutely!  Most of my testimonies are from recent clients who have had either video sessions or over WhatsApp.

Where can I find recent testimonies from other people who have worked with you?

You can find recent testimonies here, just scroll down

Is it possible to talk with you directly prior to booking my first session?

Sure!  On my bookings page you’ll find an option to book a 30 minute initial conversation.  

What are your fees and do you offer a program special?

Absolutely!  My sessions are longer than usual so that you get more value and can get relief and move forward swiftly.   Each session is 90 minutes and I offer several options:

Single Session magic 90 minutes $222 usd

Heal Your Inner Child: 6 Session Transformational Process to Unlock, Release, Restore and Heal Past Trauma that makes you highly susceptible to narcissistic abuse.  This powerful program include Daily Soul Work by me to fully optimize your transformation, plus two more Bonuses to help you heal from and  transcend narcissistic abuse. 

I do offer payment options too, just ask and I’ll get the details to you!

Do you offer a risk- free guarantee?

Yes, absolutely!

If you’re ready to fully heal and step out of narcissistic relationship cycles for good and create a life that you love, 

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