Content Creator, Copy Writer and Community Unicorn – work sample:

The primary purpose of this role is to nurture, educate and empower community members to take action to start healing with Jen’s content, courses and programs and a large component of this is through email campaigns.

A large part of this role will be taking Jen’s existing content and creating compelling copy for sending out to her email subscriber list.

This work sample is a good example of the type of work you’d be doing when you’re not converting content for the purpose of nurturing + educating.

Please note that your work sample will not be used without your express consent.


Please convert the following IG post into an email for distribution to Jens subscribers – many of which are codependent.

Call To Action: to take advantage of the $50 off – the usual price is $297

Tone: Please copy my writing style and tone.

The intention: compel readers to take action and invest in themselves and their own healing.

As we’re coming into Christmas, you may wish to encompass the Holiday Season within your email.

Happy writing!  I look forward to seeing your work sample!

IG Post to be converted to an email:

“Are you READY to experience FREEDOM from CODEPENDENCY?⠀
“A 12 week journey to dissolve codependency, anxiety + insecurity so you can finally feel secure, confident + happy within yourself + your relationships.” ⠀
This course is the result of literally thousands of hours + more than 6 years of serving my 1:1 clients within my private practice. ⠀
Now available in a self-heal format, so you can finally dissolve the codependent programming + patterning at the origins – within your subconscious mind.⠀
This course is ideal for you if you relate to:⠀

·  Anxiety⠀
·  Codependency⠀
·  People Pleasing⠀
·  Feeling Unworthy⠀
·  Not feeling Good Enough⠀
·  Guilt⠀
·  Fixing + Caretaking⠀
·  Judgement + Comparing⠀
·  Blocks to feeling confident + happy⠀
.  Struggle to establish solid boundaries⠀
.  Fear being Abandoned or Rejected⠀
My clients describe the transformation as:⠀
 “A whole world opening up with possibilities and finally having the confidence and ability to embrace them.”⠀
Here’s what you can expect to experience during this transformation:⠀
You’ll be skillfully + lovingly guided deep into your subconscious mind, to the origins of your unique programming where you’ll be expertly guided through dissolving the exact key themes of codependency you’re experiencing. ⠀
Each module includes practice steps to implement your shifts in your day to day life.⠀
So you can finally:⠀
.  Dissolve guilt + anxiety ⠀
.  Stand solidly in your self-worth⠀
.  Feel secure, confident + happy within yourself⠀
.  Allow others to be responsible for themselves instead of being pulled into fixing + caretaking them⠀
· No longer be triggered or held back by codependency ⠀
·  Quiet the judging, comparing + critical voice within⠀
As well as:⠀
· Confidently speak up + advocate for yourself⠀
· Confidently establish + uphold solid + healthy boundaries ⠀
·  No longer people please, earn love or prove yourself⠀
·  Feel confident + comfortable being alone⠀
. Begin attracting, healthy + emotionally available relationships⠀
·  Step into an expansive, empowered + inspiring version of yourself.⠀
You DESERVE to HEAL + be FREE from the chains of codependency”