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The Awakening Class with Jen Peters
The Awakening Class with Jen Peters

Experience the magic over 4 fully interactive, weekly classes starting in the evening of October 17 PST.  Classes will be live on line so you can access them from anywhere in the world.  And each class will be recorded in case you miss one, you’ll be able to catch up at your convenience or watch the calsses again at a later date.

EACH WEEK I’ll guide you through a magical process of self-discovery where you’ll connect and communicate directly with the wisdom of your own Soul, Guides, Starseed Guides and Ascension team. 

You’ll learn how to access wisdom and guidance directly from your Higher Self and Ascension team and you’ll learn how to seek guidance to help you throughout your journey.

Gain a solid understanding of the awakening process, what to expect and how to manage the changes.

You’ll be given guidance and practical tools you can use throughout your whole awakening journey and beyond.

Lean how to navigate the changes to your relationships with ease and confidence.

You’ll also become a FOUNDING MEMBER of the ASCENSION COLLECTIVE: A group of like-minded Souls from around the world who are also awakening to the Truth and Magic of their Soul.  You’ll also get to share your experiences together and form deep connections with other beautiful Souls who ‘get it’.

The AWAKENING CLASS is IDEAL FOR anyone who is awakening at this time, including Starseeds, Earthseeds and Empaths.


  • Spiritual Awakening Process, what this means to you in practical terms, what to expect and how to manage the changes
  • Establishing Daily Practices that anchor you more confidently into your awakening and strengthen your connection with your Soul, Guides and Ascension Team
  • Seven Stages of Awakening, where you are now and what’s coming up
  • Your unique energetic vibration and what it’s trying to tell you
  • Learn how to use your unique vibration to guide you in any decisions big or small
  • Family, friends and relationships during your awakening – what to expect, why and how to navigate these changes 
  • Learning how to let go and trust in the process – even when it feels like your world is crumbling around you.
  • Keeping the magic alive throughout your spiritual journey.

AS A BONUS You’ll also receive several carefully crafted guided audios that I’ve created to help you strenghthen your connection to your Higherself, Guides and Ascension team.

In addition to the magical and illuminating processes I’ll guide you through each week, we’ll also be making a special visit to your Soul Group and perhaps even your home planet, which is a truly magical and unforgettable experience!


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