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I remember beginning to heal 11 years ago.

Like so many of my clients today, I remember showing up to a session full of uncertainty yet knowing deep down I really needed help. I had hit rock bottom…watching as my whole life crumbled around me + my young son. However, that single decision to begin to heal completely changed my life well beyond anything I could have ever possibly imagined + in the most profound ways…

Most of us are living within a fraction of what’s available to us. 

You may have even had that sense deep within that there must be something more, but often we don’t know what it is or how to get there. 

I’m here to bring unconsciousness to Light.

The choice to go inward + heal 11 years ago was the portal to my own self-discovery + self-mastery. I didn’t know it then but healing awakened me to my own personal life mission. This mission has manifested into a global healing platform + allows me to now help others heal their inner child trauma, dissolve codependent patterning + heal following narcissistic abuse. 

Recognizing the need + taking the first steps to heal isn’t always easy. I know first hand what it’s like to feel trapped within your own programming, limiting beliefs + effects of abuse. 

My personal healing journey gave me the purpose behind why I do this work. Today, 11 years later, I’m the CEO + founder of Ascension The Whole Journey. Which is the platform + community where I serve as a multidimensional healer + soul guide. 

It is my deepest honor to show up daily inside this community to continue to serve + support those ready to begin their healing journey out of codependency + narcissistic abuse to reclaim self mastery in every area of life. 

My unique healing techniques allow my clients to dissolve hidden trauma + blocks at the origin, within their subconscious mind + on many different levels. 

The results not only dissolve hidden trauma or limitations, patterns or tendencies but empower towards a life of purpose and self mastery that my clients are looking to experience. 

The deep healing work extends beyond the sacred work we do together 1:1 within sessions or even from action you take from watching my YouTube videos here or engaging in the @ community on IG here. 

As it was in the case of my own personal journey, and over 8000hrs global healing sessions with clients, the results are life changing. Whole family systems on a generational level are healed and reinstated.

If you’re ready to begin to heal deeply and dissolve the layers that are holding you back so you can re-discover the magic of who you are, what’s available to you as you step into your highest version…

So you can finally:

I invite you to join my healing community here or for enquiries about working 1:1 with me click here.

Thank you for being here, I look forward to connecting with you. 

Infinite love + blessings, Jen

Jen Peters - Soul Guide, Healer, Love & Life Life Transformation Coach

Jen Peters

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