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Hi, I’m Jen!

I’m a Galactic Soul Guide, Transformational Healer and I’m also a Starseed.   I have an unshakable passion and gift for empowering others to connect with their own souls’ wisdom and guiding them well beyond any obstacles holding them back and into a life that they love.  This includes leading Souls out of toxic or narcissistic relationship cycles, healing childhood wounding, dissolving trapped emotional trauma and guiding Souls through their awakening and their ascension from the 3D and into the 5D.  There’s nothing more magical than helping others to release past hurts, programming and beliefs that have been holding them back and guiding them to align with the calling of their own Soul and their Souls mission for this incarnation.

I firmly believe that every single one of us has the ability to fully transform our life, even from the deepest of depths.  

I specialize narcissistic abuse recovery and in the dissolving of trapped emotional trauma and stubborn beliefs and patterns so that you can move forward into a life of freedom.  

This allows my amazing clients to get unstuck, step out of toxic relationship cycles and spread their wings and fly!

My own personal journey was one of complete dis-empowerment through long-term narcissistic abuse.  However, as deeply traumatic and absolutely devastating as this experience was, it also gave me the opportunity to either stay completely broken and go under, or to go inward and transform my entire life. I chose to go inward and transform my entire life with the help and guidance of a skilled energy healer.  I didn’t realise it at the time, but my awakening had just begun.

What I didn’t realise then was that in choosing to go inward and heal myself, I was in fact stepping through a magical portal, that would teach me the intricacies of true self-love, activate my healing gifts and illuminate the path for me to fulfil my Starseed mission. 

I love to pass these teachings and skills on during our sessions so that you can learn the intricacies to heal yourself when our time together comes to an end.

And this is how I came to create a successful, global Practice and partner with the most amazing and courageous truth-seekers all over the world.  The work we do together is truly magical, dissolving whatever blocks that may have been in their way, swiftly and with ease.  And to watch the layers of past hurts melting away as my clients become more solid within themselves and radiate their true essence, is profoundly fulfilling for us both.  If you’d like to know a little more about my approach, feel free to check it out here.

My past left an indelible mark upon me, but rather than allow it to define and limit me, it’s enabled me to fulfill my purpose in life and help so many others to fulfill theirs…

Ms Whiskey enjoying the morning sun amongst the grapes!
Ms Whiskey enjoying a spot of sun amongst the grapes!

I’m currently based in Auckland, New Zealand and am a solo mum to my rapidly growing son and very playful (and often mischievous) little black cat called Princess Whiskey. We’re fortunate to live right next to the sea which we absolutely LOVE!  In fact, many of the images I use in my posts are taken from my home looking out across the water. 

In my spare time I love nothing more than to feel the sunshine on my skin, while listening to a meditation or to the waves washing up on the shore, writing, contemplating this wondrous Universe we live in, indulging in soulful conversations and of course soaking up the magical moments I have with my beautiful boy.

Much love and gratitude, Jen xox

Jen Peters - Soul Guide, Healer, Love & Life Life Transformation Coach


  1. John Thaddeus Fiore

    I enjoy my sessions with Jen and there is one real reason why. It is the fact that I’m able to fully trust and let go while being facilitated by her. Jen is a sweet caring soul who fully gives of herself like only good practitioners know how to do. I do believe that holistic practitioners have a deep desire to help heal because they themselves have come through times of grief and struggle. This allows them to immerse themselves in compassion for those who they now serve. If you are looking for empathetic and professional help with which way to go in life or perhaps simply trying to heal a hurtful past then allow yourself the light that you deserve by letting Jen gently guide you towards wholeness. Learn your truth with her help, I know you’ll be happy that you did this for yourself.

  2. Jen

    Thank you John! Yes you are right, my desire to heal does come from understanding what it is like to feel powerless. However, if it was not for the experience of feeling powerless and dependent, I would not of had the opportunity to heal and overcome these limitations and now enjoy a fully enriched and inspired life. Thank you John for your kind comments, as always, it is such a pleasure to work with you.

  3. Phillip Mountrose

    From working with you Jen, I know you are an excellent healer and can really help people move through stuff that’s holding them back.

    1. Jen

      Thank you so much Phillip, it’s always such a pleasure to work with you!

  4. Trinity

    Thankyou so much for helping me move forward I can’t believe how much better I feel!I’m actually excited about my future!

    1. Jen

      Hey Gorgeous Girl! It’s always such a pleasure working with you and I’m so thrilled you are feeling great, you deserve to! Jen xox

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