Abbie is 31 + has built a solid career in advertising.  However, when it came to Abbies personal life, she struggled to feel secure + deeply connected in her relationships. 

Abbie often felt lonely even when she was with others + couldn’t quite place where the loneliness came from – but it had always been there.  Abbie had a history of relationships + friendships with people who were emotionally unavailable + her need to connect often ended up pushing others away.

The idea of feeling alone like this for the rest of her life made Abbie feel sad + hopeless.  Abbie had tried all sorts of therapy + read loads of books + whilst she gained a better intellectual understanding of why she felt the way she did – the loneliness, anxiety + overwhelming need to connect didn’t really go away.  

Abbie decided to try inner child healing where she was able to connect with the young versions of herself who were frozen in time, feeling disconnected from her parents. 

Abbies father had been away working a lot + her Mom struggled to raise Abbie + her siblings essentially by herself. She was exhausted a lot of the time + didn’t have enough energy to deeply connect with each of her children.

Through Abbies inner child work, she discovered exactly what beliefs her inner children had formed + what patterns they created to cope.  She could see these patterns in her life now!  She learnt that her inner children were recreating the same types of situations Abbie experienced in childhood – in her adult life as a way of trying to repair the relationship she had with her father. 

Abbie could finally see why she kept being drawn toward emotionally or physically unavailable men – these relationships made her feel like she did when she was a child + her father was away.

Through her inner child work, Abbie was able to begin healing these parts of herself + dissolving those dysfunctional patterns.  She began to feel more calm, connected + secure within herself. 

It wasn’t long before Abbie began to meet new people who were more emotionally available too.  

Ironically, because Abbie felt so at peace, connected + secure within herself – she no longer craved commitment from others. This ended up bringing more aligned people into her life who were open + able to connect with Abbie in much deeper ways than ever before.

Abbie’s Story is just one of infinite possibilities + outcomes when we decide to go inward + heal.

I invite you to contemplate what your story might look like?