Hi! I’m Jen

I am a Galactic Soul Guide and Multidimensional Healer.  

It’s so nice to meet you!

It’s my mission to guide you beyond the obstacles keeping you stuck and into an expansive life of purpose that you love and were always destined to live.

The whole journey may include healing and transcending narcissistic abuse, healing and empowering the wounded inner child and dissolving trapped emotional trauma and patterns that are stopping you moving forward in any area of life.

I’ll guide you to identify and dissolve career blocks standing between you and your professional goals.  Whether you’re the CEO, on the Executive team or just starting out, we can extend your goals well beyond where they are now and truly take your professional career to new heights, expanding your reach and level of impact.

I’ll also guide you through your awakening and your ascension from 3D and into the 5D, aligning your life with your life purpose or starseed mission and strengthening your connection with your ascension team and galactic star family.

What to Expect in Sessions with Jen

My approach seeks to empower those I’m working with both during our sessions and beyond.  Most of our work is done directly within your subconscious mind where much of your patterning, blocks and emotional trauma reside.

We work in synergy with your own soul and Ascension team and with full access to your Akashic Records to remove any trapped emotional trauma, blocks and debris that keep you enslaved to old and distorted patterning and beliefs.  This allows you to move forward with confidence and ease in all areas of your life.

I use a blend of Quantum Healing Techniques, Galactic Healing Tools, Conversational Hypnotherapy and Intuitive Coaching.

Sessions may include any of the following, depending on what your specific needs are at that time:
Initial clearing and dissolving of immediate pain or blocks.
Dissolving old patterns keeping you tied to the past so you are free to move forward.
Releasing trapped emotional trauma so you are no longer triggered.
Dissolving of distorted beliefs buried deep with your subconscious mind that are keeping you enslaved to fear and disempowerment programs. Once cleared you can realise your highest potential.
Dissolving of energetic and karmic cords to anything that is weighing you down – including people, beliefs or stories.
Wounded Inner Child Healing releasing you from patterns and distorted beliefs formed in childhood.
Ascension guidance helping you shift from 3D to 5D.
Working with your multidimensional self and Ascension team to gain wisdom, guidance, healing needed to help overcome obstacles keeping you stuck at this time.

Healing past life trauma that’s playing out in your current incarnation. 

Meeting and merging with your Galactic Star Families, bringing deep healing and soul nourishment as well as insights, guidance and wisdom needed at this time.
Collaborating with Ascended Masters, Archangels and Arcturian Master Healers when appropriate, to further enhance your healing experience.
Sessions are around 90 minutes long to enable a thorough and transformative  healing to take place. You can expect to experience deep and tangible  results and shifts following every session.
Everyone’s healing journey is unique therefore I offer my signature sessions or the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the:

Heal Your Inner Child: 6 Week Transformational Process to Unlock, Release, Restore and Heal Past Trauma Keeping You Stuck 

You can expect to experience significant shifts from our very first session and every session after. We’ll un-tether you from where you are right now and guide you to where you’re being called to be, so that you can fly!
Your Heal Your Inner Child program will be crafted specifically for you and your beautifully, unique needs and will include:

Powerful Signature Sessions

Where we dive deep into your subconscious mind to the actual origins of your blocks or wounds and we’ll dissolve them so that you can step forward with ease.

Daily Soul Work carried out by me under the guidance of your Soul 

To fully support and optimise your transformation and unfolding at an energetic level.  

I’ll take guidance from your Soul and Guides as to what’s needed at that time to fully facilitate and support your transformation. This may include; 
Clearing, balancing and upgrading your chakras, cleansing, uplevelling and fully grounding your energy to the crystalline grid or balancing your Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine energies and a myriad of other beautiful possibilities.  
I know your time is precious so I’ll do this for you remotely during my meditations daily so you can carry on with your day, knowing you’re being fully supported.

Establish and Embed Powerful Daily Practices as part of your maintenance program following our time together

To fully support your expansion and self mastery during our time together and beyond.
This Deeply Transformative Bespoke Program promises to transform those ready to go much deeper and swiftly and in the most magnificent of ways
Jen Peters

I firmly believe that every single one of us has the ability to fully transform our life, even from the deepest and darkest of depths.

With the right guidance and tools we can shed our past hurts, beliefs and patterns that once kept us stuck and in its place we can create a deeply enriched life that fully aligns with the calling of our soul.

As a Starseed, Galactic Soul Guide and Transformational Healer we have access to a vast and powerful range of quantum healing techniques that enable us to dissolve the most stubborn and deeply embedded obstacles at their origins.  

The results are swift, powerful and highly effective.

As we embrace our healing journey, we often begin to awaken which is a truly magical process of dissolving the labels, beliefs, hurts and limitations to reveal your true essence and allow your destiny to open up before you.

It’s a privilege to guide you through your awakening, aligning your life with your life purpose or starseed mission and strengthening your relationship with your ascension team and galactic star family and learning how to become your own guide.

Feel free to take a look around, my testimonies are below.  If you’d like to schedule your first session, my bookings page is along the top menu bar.  

Much love, Jen x

What My Wonderful Clients Say!

"Working with Jen has been nothing short of life changing"
“Before starting my healing journey I was insecure, filled with self doubt and completely stuck in ‘my story’. Working with Jen has helped me transcend my past traumas and really take charge of my life. I have a new understanding of my world around me and I now know that I have the power to overcome anything that comes my way instead of writhing in self-doubt like I did for so many years.” Natasha Rhymes, Office Manager, New Zealand.
“During the few months I’ve worked with Jen I’ve experienced tremendous transformations."
“I’ve felt huge shifts in my confidence in communicating with co-workers and in other challenging situations. I’m no longer fearful of my narcissistic ex husband and I’ve begun to attract more abundance and healthy, loving people into my life. Yesterday I bought my first home and it’s everything I hoped it would be. Jen has helped me replace old, negative, limiting beliefs with feelings of abundance, trust and confidence. Jen is an Angel, and I’m her biggest fan.” Sasha Dean - Science teacher, Utah, United States.
"I'm already noticing shifts after only two sessions."
"I'm so incredibly grateful to have found Jen and to work with her on my healing journey! Jens' intuitive insights, kindnes and compassion have allowed me to feel safe, seen and heard. I'm already noticing shifts after only two sessions. I hope that everyone in need of healing gets a chance to work with Jen, she's an amazing healer and a beautiful soul." Cindy S - IT Manager
"I'm so grateful I found Jen, she's absolutely transformed my life"
Over the years I did a lot of conventional and spiritual therapies to overcome deep trauma following severe narcissistic abuse in childhood. I was flabergasted at how easy it was to release these traumas with Jen. Jen is an outstanding professional master healer and guide who has a loving and caring personality - sessions with Jen are like being in a bath filled with love and light. Sue - Netherlands
"Jen's loving, focused healing is by far the most profound experience of all my healing journeys."
It's like going back in time and changing what happened. My entire being is different - fulfilled, whole, content, joyful, strong, healed, solid, powerful and present. And all within just a few sessions. My gratitude is beyond what I can express. Tania - US
"Working with Jen Peters has accelerated my personal growth and enabled me to clear debilitating, life long patterns and limiting beliefs at a rapid pace."
My understanding of myself has deepend. I feel more calm, peace and trust and my outer reality is startign to fall into place as my inner world aligns. Thank you Jen Peters for the important work that you do. Pam - Gold Coast
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"In just a few sessions Jen has done more for me than many therapists were able to over many years."
I've had years of therapy towards resolving many issues, trauma and angst, but in just a few sessions I've experienced a huge impact and difference in my life. My anxiety has halved, my inner peace and calm taking it's place and ability toovercome beliefs and patterns formed as a result of my abusive childhood. I cannot recommend Jen enough - she knows exactly where the isues lie and gets to the source resulting in evident changes from the very first session. Lola- Perth
"Three sessions were thrice as effective as spending thousands of dollars on conventional therapy and medications for more than a year."
It's almost like she helped me give birth to myself and experience the joy of seeing a new life. No wrds can express how blessed and grateful I am to her for helping me get out of an agonizing mental and suicidal pain of being a living dead person. Nick - Canada
"One healing with Jen has healed me more than any therapy session I've been to."
Not only did you guide me through some very deep emotional blockages, you also reunited me with me real family. Finding out I was a Pleiadian starseed has given me a new sense of belonging and understanding that is just mind blowing. I feel such lightness and love towards myself and others that is inexplicable. thank you, truly. My inner child and I thank you. Jessica - US
"Working with Jen has been one of the most remarkable things I've ever done in my life!"
I was following Jens Instagram account for a while and new deep inside that one day we would connect. And when we finally did, the effects were spectacular. The Inner Child work we've done together have transformed my life. I cannot praise Jen enough for her compassionate and highly intuitive approach. I trusted her to take me to the darkest parts of my Soul and when we went there - I saw the Light. I am forever grateful for her guidance and am honoured to have met her on my journey. Ania, United Kingdom.
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