Session Magic!  In person or over Skype or Zoom – $159 usd

90 minutes of powerful magic to keep you on track and maintain the wonderful flow and sense of empowerment and purpose that comes with being in balance. 

This is also a fantastic option if you’d like to experience the powerful effects of holistic healing modalities for the first time.  You’ll be amazed at how swiftly and easily we’re able to connect with your own souls’ wisdom and get to the heart of the matter.   Then we’ll release and heal what was causing you pain or holding you back.  You’ll be experiencing the powerful results of your life being in flow in no time at all!  

When you’re in balance and living your life purpose, life flows effortlessly.   The things that you desire make their way to you with the minimum of effort.  The people who’ll nourish your soul and inspire you, will seek you out.  Your very own unique gifts that only you have will come to the fore and the more you use them the more purposeful and fulfilled your life becomes.

Here’s what a recent client of Jen’s says:  “Jen has transformed my life completely.  She is a miracle worker and I’m so grateful to have been able to work with her.” – Libby.

This is your time.