Narcissistic Abuse Recovery and Empowerment Personalised Program

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Narcissist BE GONE! Recovery and Empowerment Program Jen Peters

Has your life been tipped upside down and your happiness hijacked by a narcissist?  

Do you crave getting stability back in your life but keep getting derailed?

Or perhaps it’s inner torment from an overly critical or controlling parent that’s stopping you from being happy as an adult?

Do you feel like you’re going crazy trying to make sense of what’s happening and no-one else seems to get it?

Let me tell you – I get it!   

Narcissistic abuse is an extremely twisted form of abuse and requires very specific knowledge and healing modalities to truly find freedom and the life you most want to live.  

Here is what recent Narcissist BE GONE! clients had to say:

“Thank you for saving me and for teaching me how to save myself after a long and crippling marriage to a narcissist. You are a phenomenal lady, thank you for your beautiful soul and thank you for your magic.” Julie 32.

” Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wisdom gained and the healing that has happened as a family after the destruction left from my narcissistic ex- husband.”  Nicola 42.

“Jen’s sessions have made a huge impact and difference to my life.  I’ve had years of therapy towards resolving my issues, trauma and angst but in just a few sessions Jen has done more for me than any other therapists could do over many years.

My anxiety has halved, my inner peace and calm taking its place and ability to overcome the beliefs and patterns as a result of my narcissistic and abusive childhood.  I cannot recommend Jen enough.  Jen knows exactly where the issues lie and gets to the source of the trauma, resulting in fast changes evident from the very first session.” Lola – Perth.

Narcissist BE GONE! Personalised One on One Program – in person, over zoom video call or WhatsApp audio call.

For an investment of $665 usd ($133 each payment options available) and 5 life changing sessions, tailored specifically to meet your individual needs, you’ll finally welcome peace and stability into your life. You’ll feel a confidence about moving forward that you haven’t felt in a long time – if ever. You’ll enjoy deeper more enriching connections than ever before with your children and romantic relationships.  An the emotional freedom you’ll experience is incredible!

Buy Risk Free!   If you’re not satisfied for any reason within 30 days after purchasing, I’ll happily refund your money! 

Previous Narcissist BE GONE! Clients have been astounded at the emotional freedom they experience – often in only a few sessions. The contrast they experience between how they felt before the program and after the program is life changing.

If you’re ready for release the past and begin living the life that you most want to live, I’d be honored to partner with you and show you the way!

The Narcissist BE GONE! program has been specifically tailored to help you fully heal in exactly the right way for you so that you can create a life that you love!  

In this highly specialized program that can be tailored just for you, you’ll:  

  • Release the immediate pain and transform your life 

  • Release the fear of what the narcissist might do next

  • Break the connection with the narcissist so they can’t emotionally derail you any more

  • Release and heal the pain of injustice and betrayal

  • Clear the debris and connect more deeply with your children and loved ones

  • Co-parenting with a narcissist tips and tricks

  • Create patterns that will leave you feeling EMPOWERED, HONORED and INSPIRED about your BRIGHT FUTURE!

Narcissistic abuse dosen’t have to be a life sentence – It’s your time to create a life you love!



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