Did you know that whatever we’ve been exposed to by 7 years old forms the foundation for how the rest of our life plays out?

The wounded inner child develops many survival patterns including:

Fixing Others, People Pleasing, Co-Dependency, Lives on High Alert, Deprioritises own needs, Need to prove themselves, Tolerates abusive behaviour, Attarcts narcissistic partners, Seeks external validation, Has difficulty setting boundaries

This is where most of our core wounds come from and where we form distorted beliefs about ourselves and patterns o cope with our wounds in order to surive.

Each trauma we experience as a child will oftenresult in a fragment of ourselves disassociating or ‘splitting off’ and remaining stuck or frozen in time.  This part is commonly known as an ‘inner child’.

Each inner child will be the same age and developmental stage that they were at the time the trauma occured.  And whatever patterns or beliefs they formed at thattime will continue to play out for the rest of your life – this is not an exaggeration – unless you heal them within your subconscious mind. 

When we have unhealed wounds and patterns or beliefs as adults, we’ll be easily triggered and stuck in cycles that were formed when we were kids as well as carrying distorted beliefs about ourselves that were formed through the eyes of a young child in response to trauma.

If you’re tired of feeling stuck in any area of your life, watching the world pass you by, inner child healing is genuinely life changing.  Inner child work is an absolute must if you’re trying to dissolve trauma and old patterns particularly if you’re stuck in cycles of toxic or narcissistic relationships.

My approach allows us to work directly within your subconscious mind and at the point of origin of your trauma and wounding.  You can expect to get results following your first session, this work is very gentle, yet truly transformational.

I offer single sessions, programs of 3 sessions and programs of 7 sessions all tailored to your specific needs.  Details are on my home page.

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If you’d like to experience a high level inner child healing, feel free to check out this video below where I’ll guide you through to meet one of your inner children.  Of course, in a private session we will tailor our work to meet your specific needs.